what people say

I recently asked a few of my clients the following question:

What are the top three reasons you choose to / or would recommend me for your website / print work?

Here are some typical responses.

'You will not find a better web designer than Matt! For someone like me who does not know too much about the internet, Matt has the technical knowledge to handle every need you have in this area. His design work is fantastic and whenever you need changes to your site he does it in a flash, most of the time on the day you send it to him. I have recommended him to everyone I know'.

1. You’re extremely reliable and have completed all of the work I have sent you both very efficiently and effectively. You somehow seem to meet every deadline even when the job was due yesterday!

2. My obsessive, compulsive, attention to detail annoys most people I work with; from the major changes right through to the tiniest of tiny ones, you have always tended to every email, comment and suggested change in a calm, friendly and professional manner.

3. Compared to other web-designers, your rates are very affordable and competitive and the quality of your work is second to none! You are a one-stop-shop for all of my website / design needs.

4. You always listen to my ideas and the style / look I want to create and work with those ideas to create the final product. You are also full of suggestions with things we can do when my scope doesn’t quite look right – inevitably, we have created a perfect product every time.